Northwest Florida Water Management District

Northwest Florida Water Management District


Regional Water Supply Planning in Northwest Florida

The Northwest Florida Water Management District is divided into seven Water Supply Planning Regions (see map below).  In 1998, the District completed its first Water Supply Assessment (WSA) to evaluate the sufficiency of water resources to meet projected demands over a 20-year planning horizon.

Every five years, the District updates the WSA to evaluate whether existing and anticipated water sources are sufficient to meet future demands while sustaining water resources and associated natural systems.  If the District determines that a region's water needs are likely to exceed available water sources in the next 20 years, the District will prepare a Regional Water Supply Plan (RWSP), which identifies alternatives for meeting the anticipated future water needs (as required by section 373.709, F.S.).

Northwest Florida Water Supply Planning Regions

Water Supply Assessments & Regional Water Supply Plans

The 2013 Water Supply Assessment Update, extends water use projections through 2035 and includes updated resource assessments for each of the District’s planning regions.  Based on these updated assessments and projections, the District's Governing Board determined that RWSP efforts should continue in Regions II and III.  The Region II RWSP was most recently updated in 2012, and the Region III RWSP was updated in 2014.  Due largely to completion of a major surface water supply facility and reduced population growth and development, the Board determined in February 2014 that Region V's water resources are sufficient to meet the area's water needs over the next 20 years and that RWSP efforts in Region V could be discontinued.  Regional water supply planning is not currently recommended for any regions of northwest Florida.  The District will revisit the determinations for all water supply planning regions every five years.

Regional Water Supply Plans

Region II Regional Water Supply Plan: Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties (2000; 2006; 2012)
Region III Regional Water Supply Plan: Bay County (2008; 2014 update)New

NWFWMD Water Supply Assessments

2013 Water Supply Assessment UpdateNew

2008 Water Supply Assessment Update

2003 Water Supply Projections Report

1998 Water Supply Assessment


Supporting Documents for Water Supply Planning

Five-Year Water Resource Development Work Program

Hydrogeology of the Northwest Florida Water Management District
(Zipped version of the report)

Florida Water Rates Evaluation of Single-Family Homes by John B. Whitcomb, 2005.

Region V Regional Water Supply Plan: Gulf and Franklin Counties (2007)

District Water Management Plan.  2005.  Program Development Series 05-01

Hydrologic Data

Consolidated Annual Report

Miscellaneous Aquifer Pump Test Results

Water Conservation Practices

Water Supply Development Community Assistance Initiative