Northwest Florida Water Management District

Northwest Florida Water Management District



Several permitting programs are implemented District-wide. Through the Consumptive Use Program, the District's water supplies are allocated in a manner that is reasonable/beneficial, in the public interest and which does not have a deleterious impact on existing legal users or the resource.

Chipola RiverWell construction rules and permits help safeguard our water supplies. Proper construction of new wells and proper plugging of old or abandoned wells keep pollutants out of the ground water. Other permitting programs regulate the construction and repair of dams, projects involving artificial recharge for the introduction of water into any underground formation and agricultural, forestry and wetland projects relating to the management, storage and drainage of surface waters.

The Northwest Florida Water Management District operates regulatory programs that address through rules, the consumptive use of water, the construction, repair or abandonment of water wells and licensing of water well contractors, the safety of nonagricultural impoundments, agricultural and forestry surface water management facilities including "farm ponds", Stormwater Management Systems, the artificial recharge of ground water, and works of the District.

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District Offices

District Headquarters Office
81 Water Management Drive
Havana, Florida 32333
Telephone (850) 539-5999
(Office is located on U.S. Highway 90, approximately 10 miles west of Tallahassee, Florida)

Crestview Field Office
180 East Redstone Avenue
Crestview, Florida 32539

   Wells Program and Surface Water Program
   Telephone (850) 683-5048 / Fax (850) 683-5051

   Environmental Resource Permitting
   Telephone (850) 683-5044 / Fax (850) 683-5050

Tallahassee Field Office (Environmental Resource Permitting)
Carr Building, Suite 225
3800 Commonwealth Blvd., MS LS225
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Telephone (850) 921-2986
Fax (850) 921-3083